BSWF LED Moving Head
BSWF LED Moving Head

BSWF LED Moving Head


DREAM L650 BSWF is a full-featured LED moving head 4 in 1 luminaire for Multi-Functional profile, beam, spot, and wash.
The fixture is compacted and powerful, is a well design flexible fixture for almost any application, providing an excellent return on investment for users. With light engine of 650W white LED module and refined optics, it projects a uniform lighting across the light-spot, also provides 4 dimming curves and 4 dimming speeds for choice of use, have linear dimming effect in low-light. Its advanced features include a wide range of linear zoom range of 6°~ 56°, electronic dimming and strobe, linear CMY+CTO filter and smooth running color wheel create endless colors, fast iris for beam adjustment 5-100%, includes 7 rotate gobos and 8 static gobos in two gobo wheels. DREAM L650 BSWF configured with DLW's innovative profile framing system, deliver a high degree of flexibility for the lighting designer as the full blades can be separate movement and fast operation, the complete framing can be bi-directional infinite rotating (360° continuous rotate). Having dual rotating prisms dual frost effects, auto follow focus and zoom in zoom out, the fixture delivers stunning visual effects, advanced in its class.

Key Features
● Light source: 650W white LED module
● Zoom range: 6°~ 56°
● One color wheel
● One rotate gobo wheel
● One static gobo wheel
● Infinite rotate framing system
● Two prisms, two frosts
● Motorized iris, linear adjustment
● Electronic strobe
● Dimmer: 0-100% linear adjustment
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Product Details of BSWF LED Moving Head

Electrical Parameters

Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Input power: 800W, power factor PF≥0.98

Maximum input current: 8A


Light Source Parameters

Light source: 650W white LED module (choice of high brightness mode or high CRI mode)

CRI: Ra≥70 (DREAM L650 BSWF high brightness);

Ra≥90 (DREAM L650H BSWF high CRI)

LED life: 20000 hours


Optical Parameters

Optical lens: HD optical lens with anti-reflection coating

Zoom range: 6°~56°


Color System

CMY infinite mixing, output high saturated color (RGB), pure color.

CTO color temperature linear adjustable 3200-6200K

One color wheel, has 7 color filters plus open (included a CRI boost filter), can be bidirectional scrolling, can create effects of rainbow, stepping, sliding fade and random color mode.


Gobo System

One rotate gobo wheel with 7 gobos, the gobos can be indexing and bi-directional rotating, can be self-rotation, create effects of flowing water and shaking, the gobo wheel can be accurately controlled at 16bit.

One static gobo wheel with 8 gobos + 1 open, the gobo wheel can create bidirectional flowing effect.


Framing System

One complete infinite rotatable framing system, 4 x individually controllable full curtain blades with full variable angle through the entire insertion path, can make the framing graphics 360° infinite rotating and accurately positioning, without distortion.


Effects Configuration

2 prisms, one is 4-facet linear and one is 6-facet circle, can be independent and overlapping combined, can be bidirectional rotating, can be auto-focus.

Two atomized frosts with high-bright output.

0-100% electronic dimming control, 4 dimming curve options, 4 dimming speed options.

Electronic strobe 1-25Hz, a variety of stroboscopic methods to choose

Fast motorized iris 5-100% linear adjustment, with macro function and multi-effects changeable



Pan=540°, 16bit precise scan

Tilt=270°, 16bit precise scan


Electronic Control Technology

Control channels: 32ch/35ch/60ch

Control Protocols: DMX512, RDM; Art-Net, sACN, wireless function (optional)

Control Portals: XLR-3 + XLR-5; RJ45 (optional)

Menu display: 2.4" LCD screen; choice of Chinese and English language, menu available to be displayed 180° reversely.

Built-in self-rechargeable battery, menu can be edited without power supply (optional version);

Support connecting power bank to enter the menu and edit address code and other settings

Electronic sensors testing, fan intelligent detect and controllable

Eco mode (sleep mode when standby)

Non-touching magnetic encoder positioning system for pan-tilt


Size and Weight

Fixture size: 417X417X767 (mm)

Fixture weight: 34Kg

Flight case size: 1045X648X845 mm (2 positions)

Flight case weight: 45.8 KG


Conditions of Use

Working environment temperature: -20℃~40℃

Protection class: IP20

P.s. Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice. Test lab data may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, etc. The company reserves the right of final interpretation.



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